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Glutathione Injections, B6 Injections, B12 Injections, B-Complex Injections, Vitamin D Injections, Vitamin C injections, Lipotropic Injections & More!


IM (Intramuscular) injections are a quick and easy way to get your essential vitamin boost. Packed with essential nutrients, these shots will leave you feeling energized, balanced, and ready to take charge! They take less than 5 minutes and provide an excellent pick-me-up if you just don't have time for a full IV therapy treatment. We offer traditional vitamin shots, such as B12 injections and Vitamin D injections, our famous glutathione injections, plus a specialized blend to stimulate weight loss.


If your body is deficient in crucial vitamins such as B12 or Vitamin D, our injections will get you back to speed. And our glutathione and weight loss support injections are tailored to help you look and feel your best. All of our injections are expertly administered in the comfort of our downtown Toronto IV therapy lounge.



Toronto's cold Winter months leave many people missing out on the sun and its natural doses of Vitamin D. In the winter, most people wake up before the sun comes out and come home long after it sets.

Vitamin D deficiency is a serious issue amongst Toronto residents with symptoms that include: Our Vitamin D injections can support mood-boosting, immune-stimulating, and bone-strengthening effects. It's especially a must in the winter to help with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)!

Key Ingredients: Vitamin D3

* Please note that a specific blood work test is required prior to starting high dose Vitamin D injections. Please call us for more details.



Glutathione is a super antioxidant with a slew of benefits to help your overall health as well as your appearance. Benefits of this powerful glutathione injection include:


  •          Liver Detoxifying
  •          Skin Brightening
  •          Reduces excess pigmentation
  •          Improves skin texture
  •          Evens out skin tone
  •          Creates a bright, glowing complexion
  •          Fights the signs of aging
  •          Supports liver detoxification
  •          Anti-inflammatory
  •          Balances the immune system
  •          Protects healthy cells from damage


Key Ingredients: Glutathione 400mg



The lipotropic weight-loss injections include a combination of natural ingredients such as vitamin B-12, Magnesium, and Glutathione, which all combine to boost the fat-burning process.

Benefits include:

·             Helps boost metabolism

·             Supports healthy weight loss

·             Energizing

·             Promotes a calm and balanced mood

·             Supports hormone balance

·             Supports liver detoxification


Lipotropic compounds have been shown to accelerate the fat metabolism rate when combined with the right diet and exercise.

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